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Eliminate the guess work and versions of truth. Use SeeTrak to deliver the visibility you want, where and when you need it: end-to-end, closed-loop, first mile, last mile or any segment in your supply chain.

Goods get damaged in-transit. Equipment fails. Shipments get delayed. Environmental hazards such as rain, snow, floods and heat cause delays and damage to goods in-transit. When your goods are damaged or delayed do you want to know?

SeeTrak integrates multiple sources of data to monitor the integrity of your supply chain and maintain the quality of goods delivered to your customers.

Visibility Benefits

New source of visibility and event data can be used for:

  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Upgrading event management applications
  • Reducing spoilage
  • Chain of custody determination
  • Insurance claims
  • Planning trade lanes/routes
  • Sourcing decisions
  • Measuring quality of service provided by 3rd parties
  • Order management
  • Improving supply chain processes