Theft prevention is better than recovery.

Physical supply chain security is an international concern. High value goods are always at risk in any country. Cargo theft happens. When your stuff is being stolen, do you want to know?

Bigdada™ is a security solution from Aankhen to monitor the physical security of cargo in-transit including bulk goods (Agro products: Grains, Coffee, Cashew; Liquids: Chemicals, Edible Oils & Fat; Fuel: Coal; Metals: Processed Ore, coils, scrap,...). Bigdada™ processes data from multiple sources to provide the most comprehensive in-context visibility, analytics and intelligence to deter theft.

In addition to securing your shipments, Bigdada™ leverages your investment in security to create additional return on investment (ROI) with unique supply chain intelligence and analytics enabling new savings from operational performance improvement to build safer, faster and smarter supply chains tailored to your organization.

Security Benefits

Bigdada™ provides several benefits to proactively reduce potential security risks. These include:

  • Theft reduction
  • Brand protection
  • Improve quality of service
  • Maintain quality of goods
  • Determine chain of custody when exceptions occur
  • Monitor multi-drop security
  • Monitor multi-pickup security
  • Monitor hazardous materials in high threat urban areas (HTUA)
  • Monitor movement of cargo in restricted zones
  • Monitor Oil & Gas/Liquids/Chemicals tanker valves
  • Homeland security