Aankhen 3D

Do you want to:

  • Improve your supply chain with real time visibility?
  • Upgrade your legacy EDI/B2B infrastructure based visibility to include real time data?
  • Reduce supply chain lead time?
  • Secure your supply chain and reduce theft?
  • Know what the cost should be?

Do you have a unique supply chain visibility problem (First Mile, Last Mile, ...)?

Every supply chain is unique. Existing applications, processes and organizational priorities make them unique. Implementing new supply chain visibility and security solutions requires integration with existing applications.

You can implement the new solutions and learn from trial and error or use Aankhen 3D services to design, develop and deploy the solutions cost efficiently the first time.

Build it right the first time with Aankhen 3D services.

Aankhen 3D Benefits

  • Faster design
  • Pragmatic innovation
  • Best domain expertise
  • Pioneering breakthroughs
  • Less resources required
  • Proven solutions
  • Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t
  • No risk
  • High ROI
  • Faster development
  • Access to 10+ years of R&D
  • Track record for delivery
  • Lower Total Cost
  • Faster deployment
  • Cloud based
  • On-Demand SaaS
  • On-premise
  • Easy to deploy