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    Aankhen 3D

    Design, Development & Deployment (3D)
    Supply chain applications need to integrate with other applications in your enterprise and your partners.
    Aankhen 3D services provide the best expertise in the industry and resources to develop your solutions.

  • "Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them"

    -Albert Einstein      

  • Wheres my Stuff toplettering


    Stop guessing and eliminate versions of truth.


    Visibility is a point of view. What you cannot see can cost you. When exceptions occur in your supply chain you don’t want to be the last person to know.
    SeeTrak® visibility provides a suite of solutions that can be tailored to your unique business needs.


  • BurglarContainer


    Theft prevention is better than recovery

    In–transit cargo and bulk goods are stolen across the world every day. Cargo theft is a $24Billion+ problem and growing. Increased insurance costs, supply chain disruptions and unpredictability can be reduced using new technologies that are easy to deploy and maintain.
    Bigdada™ is an electronic big brother watching and protecting your cargo to deter theft.
  • SBCostLanded

    Shouldbe Cost®

    Want to know what the cost should be before you buy?


    Visibility to total cost details before you make a buy decision gives you a competitive advantage. Yes, it is very complex. But, we automated the complexity and made it easy for you to use and save millions.
    Try it. You have nothing to lose except savings!


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SeeTrak 7.0 Released

Aankhen Updates SeeTrak® Supply Chain Visibility and Security

SeeTrak® Delivers New Source of Accurate Supply Chain Event Data from the Cloud

SAN JOSE, California, January 23, 2012 Aankhen Inc. (www.aankhen.com), the pioneer in supply chain visibility and global asset tracking solutions today announced the general availability of its SeeTrak® 7.0 SaaS platform.

SeeTrak® is now available as a one-stop global asset tracking, security, environmental monitoring and cloud based SaaS service for supply chains and cold chains. Aankhen will provide tracking hardware and software integrated to simplify the procurement decision process. Key highlights of the release include support for Oil & Gas and Chemicals transportation, smarter cold chain monitoring for Food & Beverage industries and enhanced business intelligence, analytics and exception alerts.

For enterprises seeking end-to-end supply chain visibility or the first/last mile visibility in foreign countries, SeeTrak® offers the best possible solution in the industry. When stuff happens to your goods in-transit, SeeTrak® will send you an alert. You can see if your shipments have actually left the factory or see if they have actually reached the intended destination in real time without relying on versions of truth, inaccurate data or waiting for service providers to send transactions.

“We have been pioneering innovative supply chain visibility solutions for more than a decade, delivering smarter and more cost efficient systems to improve supply chain security and performance. SeeTrak® version 7.0 delivers the easiest supply chain visibility solution to deploy and use at the lowest cost in the industry” said Subhash Chowdary, CEO of Aankhen Inc.

About Aankhen Inc.

Aankhen Inc. is a leading provider of next generation Physical and Financial supply chain visibility, security and environmental monitoring solutions and development services. Aankhen’s SeeTrak® physical supply chain visibility solution uses M2M technologies to track the movement of assets and intermodal containers in real-time with security, environmental and process monitoring. Financial supply chain visibility solutions use Aankhen’s proprietary ‘Shouldbe Cost®’ computations to proactively manage procurement and pricing negotiations globally. Aankhen is a privately held corporation based in San Jose, California.


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