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    Aankhen 3D

    Design, Development & Deployment (3D) of Internet of Things (IoT)
    Aankhen 3D services provide the best-in-class expertise, knowledge and resources to develop your solutions using internet of things in logistics (IoTiL) to build better, smarter and faster supply chains.
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    Make your supply chain visible.


    Visibility is a point of view. What you cannot see can cost you. When exceptions occur in your supply chain you don’t want to be the last person to know.
    SeeTrak® visibility provides a suite of solutions using internet of things in logistics (IoTiL) that can be tailored to your unique business needs.


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    Theft prevention is better than recovery

    In–transit cargo and bulk goods are stolen across the world every day. Cargo theft is a $24Billion+ problem and growing. Increased insurance costs, supply chain disruptions and unpredictability can be reduced using IoT technologies that are easy to deploy and maintain.
    Bigdada™ is an electronic big brother watching and protecting your cargo to deter theft.
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Aankhen CEO interviewed on CNBC TV

Boca Raton, FL (May 11, 2009) --- Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces that Aankhen will be featured on 21st Century Business.

Aankhen CEO interviewed on CNBC TV

Lack of visibility hides inefficiencies. Using actionable supply chain visibility to expose the inefficiencies that exist in the global supply chains and addressing the carbon footprint they create is imperative to run an efficient company. 

Aankhen Inc. is a Supply Chain 2.0 solutions, consulting and development services provider enabling 'Shouldbe Cost®' based management of procurement and smart RFID & GPS based supply chain visibility to manage logistics in real time.

In an upcoming segment of 21st Century Business, Subhash Chowdary, CEO of Aankhen, Incorporated, joins us to discuss his company’s capabilities.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at Multi Media Productions, added, “Aankhen is an exciting company with a unique mission. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program.”

About 21st Century Business 
21st Century Business airs on CNBC (as paid programming) and the Fox Business Network (as paid programming). 21st Century Business may also be viewed through video on demand via www.21cbtv.com. The 21CBTV Series is also available at more than 90 prestigious college universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Dartmouth College and Georgetown University.