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    Aankhen 3D

    Design, Development & Deployment (3D)
    Supply chain applications need to integrate with other applications in your enterprise and your partners.
    Aankhen 3D services provide the best expertise in the industry and resources to develop your solutions.

  • "Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them"

    -Albert Einstein      

  • Wheres my Stuff toplettering


    Stop guessing and eliminate versions of truth.


    Visibility is a point of view. What you cannot see can cost you. When exceptions occur in your supply chain you don’t want to be the last person to know.
    SeeTrak® visibility provides a suite of solutions that can be tailored to your unique business needs.


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    Theft prevention is better than recovery

    In–transit cargo and bulk goods are stolen across the world every day. Cargo theft is a $24Billion+ problem and growing. Increased insurance costs, supply chain disruptions and unpredictability can be reduced using new technologies that are easy to deploy and maintain.
    Bigdada™ is an electronic big brother watching and protecting your cargo to deter theft.
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    Shouldbe Cost®

    Want to know what the cost should be before you buy?


    Visibility to total cost details before you make a buy decision gives you a competitive advantage. Yes, it is very complex. But, we automated the complexity and made it easy for you to use and save millions.
    Try it. You have nothing to lose except savings!


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Logistics Firm Leverages SaviTrak™ Intelligence Service and GPS

Logistics Firm Leverages SaviTrak™ Intelligence Service and GPS to Enhance Visibility and Control of Tens of Thousands of Customer Shipments

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and CALI, Colombia, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Integrated Control and Logistics Services (ICLS), a Colombia-based provider of logistics and security services for major importers and exporters, has signed a five-year contract with Savi Networks for its real-time intelligence service.  TheSaviTrak™ service, leveraging GPS and cellular networks, will enable ICLS to automatically monitor thelocation, security and condition of shipments transported from inland manufacturing locations to coastal ports, as well as cargo transported internationally.

SaviTrak is a web-hosted intelligence service that will enable ICLS to improve the security and visibility of in-transit cargo, resulting in reduced costs of physical security, product losses, claims and fines, while improving customer service, operational efficiency and inventory management.  SaviTrak also reduces theft by immediately detecting security breaches while providing an audit trail and collaboration with law enforcement.

"SaviTrak's advanced value-added intelligence will allow us to reduce operational risks and costs while improving service to our customers who manufacture products in a wide range of industries," said Alvaro Mauricio Duran, general manager of ICLS.  "This unique technology will enable us to serve potential customers from Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador from any company facility to any final destination in the world."

"ICLS is the fifth logistics provider in the past several months that has discovered SaviTrak's low-cost, easy-to-implement benefits of augmenting their own supply chain management and execution systems, delivering quick and lasting ROI," said Neil Smith, CEO of Savi Networks.

About ICLS

Integrated Control and Logistics Services (ICLS) is a Colombian operated company with long experience in the management and prevention of logistics risks.  By leveraging deep logistics knowledge, experience and advanced technologies, ICLS provides logistics services to companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Corona, Cadbury Adams, and Honda.

About Savi Networks

Savi Networks, www.savinetworks.com,  a joint venture between Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and Hutchison Port Holdngs, improves the efficiency and security of global trade.  SaviTrak™ is an intelligence service that utilizes reliable wireless shipment monitoring technology to provide shippers, logistics service providers, and terminal operators with easily accessible, precise and actionable information.

SOURCE Savi Networks